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Stop the South London Incinerator

The plan to build a mass burn waste incinerator in the corner of a country park in one of the most highly populated areas of the country is an act of environmental vandalism that will cause suffering and illness for generations to come.

Air pollution kills about 200,000 people a year in this country. It is a simple fact that burning rubbish for the next 25 years will increase pollution and this will result in more people dying.

The poisons that come out of the 311 foot chimneys build up in the body over time and there is no way to get rid of them - unless you are a woman who will pass on these toxins to her children, resulting in increased infant mortality, birth defects, restricted lung development

Air pollution is a major contributory factor in causing asthma.

These are facts that are being ignored simply to make money.

We have been trying to stop this incinerator from being built for over 4 years now and it has reached the stage where we will have to challenge it in the courts.

The final plans will be submitted at the end of January and we will then have 6 weeks to get our legal case to the judge, however, this first stage of the legal process will cost us about £10,000 (and for full judicial review it will be about £35,000 in total).

We desperately need your help in raising the profile of our campaign because the councils involved have done their best to keep this quiet.

Please can you help us?

Please sign our petition and if possible donate to our legal challenge.

Thank you so much

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Living in an urban environment with polluting vehicles is bad enough. Like no doubt many, when the atmosphere is closed in, I find it harder to breathe. I don't want my condition to get worse.

I was told by a nurse recently that Croydon already has a relatively high proportion of asthmatics. As a 41 yr old asthmatic living downwind from this approved incinerator, I feel I have a duty to ensure my child has the best possible start in life. I don't want her to become an asthmatic and become dependent on inhalers to get through the day like I have to. This video has a snippet on how asthma is affected by air pollution. It is simply unbelievable that we are planning to burn, domestic, commercial and industrial rubbish to the detriment of the health of local people.

Please sign the petition listed above.

Many thanks


Garbage incinerators are the replacements for the old gas retort stations that once blighted communities and caused ill health.

Some of the people who advocate, design, build and operate garbage incinerators probably suffer with asthma themselves. However, there is a problem concerning what to do with all the rubbish and I would pump any amount of money into a viable alternative as a means of reducing medically harmful atmospheric air pollution.


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