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Asthma review coming up

Not sure how to play this last few weeks asthma been iffy been on oral steroids/inhaler + ventolin + occasional nebs never really been given asthma plan and i am fed up of not having one i just try to best guess how i am feeling as previous asthma nurse was crap to say the leaston that note any advise welcome oh and at times peak flow in boots!!

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never really been given asthma plan - Nursefurby should i be asking them to put details on computer system of high sat rates good pf during asthma attack so OOH will see the info etc. asthma stuff is doing my head in, i don;t want to make a fuss but i want them to take note as when i do have an attack they think i am having a panic attack rather than asthma which is a load of rubbish. i guess i am just wound up as not had a review in over 12 months, had one bad attack and my asthma as been iffy the last few weeks due to a cold which has now gone but still having the odd wiff of reliever proberbly due to cold weather. 350 pf flow now it has better been in the last month 440 today has been low as 350 and less

ideas gratefully received


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