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Advice for a newbie please :-)

Hi all, I've just registered and thought id get a little bit of advice from other people living with asthma. I have a 4 year old and 2 year old both diognosed with asthma. Both taking brown inhalers morning and night and using the blue inhalers when needed. They constantly suffer with chest infections, been allergy tested and nothing ""obvious"" has shown up. They are worse through the winter months as per most. Both been hospitalised with attacks etc and both struggle to do anything physical. We manage day to day however through the night all they do is constantly cough, whereby they need the inhaler to help. Been to doctors and no infection anymore, antibiotics cleared it up but the cough which is my girls biggest symptom is still awful. Both girls cough ALL night which then adds to them being tired/wheezy. Coughs have been checked and put down to a sign of their asthma. Is there any advice anyone can give to help this cough? We have a humidifier for our eldest that helps but only when she has an infection, not every evening. Anyone found any tips to prevent the asthma being so bad? Any other devices like the humidifier that I'm not aware of.Any suggestions very much welcome.Thank you so much.Kirsty

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Hi and welcome. Sorry to hear about your girls, I'm afraid I can't really offer much advice as it's me with asthma and not a child but I would have thought that the coughing is a sign of poorly controlled asthma and that the Gp/consultant should be trying to get it under control to stop the nighttime coughing.

There is a parent and carer section on the forum, maybe you could post there and it will be seen by others in a similar position who may be able to offer more advice.

Good luck


Hi I suffer from bad asthma and I find putting fix on my chest from and back at night helps also you could try put a bowl of water under your radihater as the dry air from them doesn't help hope this helps xxxxx :D


Hi, I'm a newbie on here too.

Sorry to hear about your girls. My son had a lot of coughing at night too, and also sleep apnea, although he uses the brown inhaler x2 puffs a night now, which has controlled this.

One other idea ( if it's not too random!? ) is have they had their tonsils/adenoids checked? My son has enlarged tonsils/ possible enlarged adenoids ( waiting to see a specialist to see if tonsils need to be removed ) and we were told this can cause a lot of coughing especially at night, as it causes 'mouth breathing' which dries the throat out and can cause them to cough.


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