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advice on using atrovent

Hi there, looking for any advice anyone has on Atrovent. Have entered new realms recently with my asthma , having previously for years always been well controlled on no more than 2 puffs of beclomethasane. Suffered a huge flare up in the last month and asthma still not controlled, resulting in acute attack last night (the first I've ever suffered}. Currently on prednisolone 30mg, started montelukast last night, taking salbutomol 4 hourly as advised after last night's attack and gp has given me atrovent too.

What purpose does the atrovent serve ? Very confused as I'd initially asked for an alternative to salbutomol as I get the shakes and raised heart rate with it so that was why she gave me it but hospital last night said take both!?


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Hey ther hope you start feeling better soon..

I currently take atrovent (ipratropium bromide) nebules every morning an nite mixed with salbutamol I find it's very effective and I think it's sorta the same as salbutamol only not as fast acting but had a longer duration of action.

Hope that helps :-)


Hey, it's a reliever as salbutamol, but works on different receptors in the lungs to stop bronchospasm. Where salbutamol is a beta2 agonist atrovent is an antimuscorenic receptor agonist (I think!). Just think of it as chilling out 2 different bits of your lungs!! Atrovent lasts longer than salbutamol. I'd advise taking via spacer, not only is it more effective, but atrovent tastes disgusting!


Thanks Irish boy and Laurs, that's helpful. After all that, saw asthma nurse and different gp who both said stop taking it & carry on with salbtumol! But at least now I have a better understanding about it ....thks.


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