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have a chest infection which set my asthma off HELP

So yesterday i became very breathless , coughing and wheezing. This gradually got worse to the point that my inhler was not helping me so my partner called an ambulance.

When the paramedics came they said ive got a chest infection which triggered my attack and gave me two nebulisers in my home. The NHS now have this system where they try to avoid unnessasary hospital admissions, so instead asked me if i could make my own way to the local primary care which is fine. The doctor there precscribed my some antibiotics and steroids.

This morning when I have woken up im feeling the same again and can hardly breath. My inhaler only seem to be helping for a few minutes and i dont know what to do.

I feel like if i call an ambulance again they might not be happy, and physically cant walk to my doctors like this, plus I feel like my doctors are fed up of me always habing to go down.

Please could somebody offer me some advice.


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Go to A&E - as someone who is lucky to still be here due to my asthma id say it's not worth the risk! Be safe and sensible x


Is mirror laurs reply! Go to a&e or call 111/999

In addition (and yes I really ought to take my own advice here) but if you're seeing your Gp about your asthma frequently it suggests you are not under control and the Gp should be helping you get under control so it's their fault you're there frequently!


Thanks guys mum is gonna take me down when she finished work. just dont like feeling like im wasting anyones time! :( x


Fingers crossed you get sorted out, mum to the rescue!

I know, I feel exactly the same, don't want to waste peoples time, worry its not as bad as I think it is, think I'll be Ok in a minute!! But you know how you feel and if your inhaler isn't working, it's not going to get better by itself!


mirror that again 999 and get them to take you in better safe than sorry good luck


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