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Montelukast 10_mg

I was diagnosed with asthma a number of years ago & until just recently was coping with Seretide & Salbutamol inhalers. However, after a persistent cough which started around October, I visited asthma nurse who suggested Montelukast tablets at night. I've just read all the blurb & though she mentioned the possibility of vivid dreams, she didn't mention all the other possibilities like hallucinations, anxiety, suicidal thoughts.

Should I be worried?

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I'm on Montelukast tablets and have been for around 7-8 months now. Rest assured, I don't suffer from any of those side effects so try them and obviously then see your GP if you do experience any of the side effects in the leaflet.

I was also told by GP that it is possible to take the tablet in the morning but many patients said it made them sleepy hence best to take at night but no don't worry too much about it just be very aware of how you feel in yourself and any changes that you are concerned about see your GP.

Hope that helps

Paige xx


I take 10mg twice a day and don't have any side effects.


I'm going on to montelukast when this chest infection Boggs off lol xx


Thanks for replies. I've just taken my first one, so fingers crossed for a cough free night. The current weather conditions have had me coughing & spluttering most of the day.

I'm so reluctant to take any more drugs than I need to, as most folk are I suppose. Lucky to only have been hospitalised twice in 16 or so years. Should count my lucky stars.


i think kids have a tendency to get slightly more side effects than adults with montelukast - i notice very vivid dreams (which frankly i quite like, although i do sometimes have to ring people to check if we'd arranged to meet up or i'd dreamt it!!) but other than that im fine with them :-)


Very little coughing last night. But oh boy daytime as bad as before. Did get vivid dreams, but that's not unusual for me. Took forever to get to sleep, hope that doesn't last!



I've been on Montelukast for years and never really experience any side effects after the initial few vivid dreams. I seem to remember that it did take a little while for me to see the benefits though.


I have been on it for ages, and haven't as far as I can remember had any of the side effects!! Hope it helps :-)


Sorry, need to ask a further question about this medication. How long does it take to work fully?

I only started a few days ago & thought I was doing alright, until last night. Coughed myself silly for best part of an hour non-stop. Quite exhausting & still not right today. Can't make up my mind if it's because it's stormy outside, or I'm allergic to something inside. No plug in air fresheners to irritate airways. I went to bed last night & almost immediately it started, so had to move to another bedroom so as not to disturb hubby.


I was told to trial it for six weeks. Bear in mind it won't cure absolutely everything, it won't mean you never cough again ;)


Thanks nursefurby. It's the coughing fits I want rid of as it's hard to catch my breath. I have found I can no longer chop fresh chillies though, the effect is immediate. I can eat them but not chop them. Just as well they come dried or fresh in jars.

I've to go back in two weeks time to see asthma nurse, to decide what, if anything, happens next.


Well I've had to stop the Montelukast as dizziness, nausea & dull headache were awful. Especially the nausea, fine lying down but when upright I was dry heaving, sorry if TMI, frequently. Spoke to GP this morning & told to stop. I've to try & manage on inhalers, but have to phone if unable to manage. Oh the joys.


People should be warned about the possible neuropsychiatric effects of this drug before being given it, closely supervised and asked about side effects they experience. Although aware asthma medication, in a short space of time, had triggered vivid dreams, sleepwalking etc in my relative, at the time we were relieved at the improvement in asthma symptoms and did not realize they were experiencing suicidal thoughts etc until they required emergency treatment after acting on them. Other countries, e.g. Australia, seem to be more aware and patients forewarned and told when not to continue using this drug. Whereas asthma nurses I have spoken to seem unaware of these awful side effects. What happens to the people who suffer these 'rare' side effects? Where can they turn?


Does anyone know how long it takes for the Montelukast to be fully effective? I was started on it one week ago and haven't noticed any improvement yet? No major side effects noted either.


Ive had asthma for 29 years and had various inhalers and steroids as ive aged. (Im 52 now)Ive been on monteleukast 10mg for just over a week.

It absolutely works for my asthma!!!! BUT... I itch constantly but more concerning is that all my joints, they hurt and are painful esp, my shoulders, elbows , hands and knees.

should I stop taking monteleukast and risk coughing and wheezing, or keep aching and be in this a side effect that could turn nasty?

Or will it wear off as I get used to the drug?

For the topic op. I haven't had any mental impairment or mood swings.

any advice gratefully recieved.


I LOVE Monteleukast! (singulair)!!!!!!!! I have not needed Pred since being on it Only side effects I have are incredible weird dreams! and a little more aggressive with fools than i was previously ( now have a reputation that i dont suffer fools gladly) not such a bad reputation to have :) but rather that than depression and moon face from pred It took only two weeks for it to have a positive impact on me


I get the weird dreams too ! Very vivid and sometimes a bit morbid but never feel scared by them. Usually have a chuckle to myself the following day about how weird the one the night before was lol x


Who needs magic mushrooms when you can have Singulair!

I take 20mg at night and yes, I get some really weird dreams especially when I nod off after waking at 6am....

It seems to work for me and I don't seem to get any of the other side effects



Kate My experience is 100% like yours! But hey the stuff works for me in every other way


Hi everyone,

I am new to this forum. Arrived to you out of lack of other resources. I had very mild asthma for some 7 years. Now I'm 31y.

Was taking singulair for some 4-5 months a year, the coldest ones. Cold makes it hard to breathe in my case.

2 years ago the doctor gave me Singulair 10mg dose daily, for all year round. Together with a difficult time at work, I ended from a smiling happy person in a scarred thing. Crying out of nothing, always sad, talking almost daily about death.

Cannot bear to stay in the home anymore.

Out of accident, I noticed that my symptoms were much improved if I wouldn't take my Singulair pill. Though cannot drop it completely, since I cannot breath well without.

My family is completely scared. Have destroyed my relationship.

I just want to get out of this nightmare and came back the person I used to be.

Anyone like me?

Should I have posted this elsewhere?

Thanks a lot.


I have been on Mobtelukast for 2years, controls most of my allergy symptons as well as the asthma. Rarely need antihistamines any more.... Used to live on them....

I take it in the morning as I have trouble getting to sleep if taken at night. Other than that no problems. Such a shame that this is not the case for everyone.


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