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Multiple infections


Just wondering if anyone has any insights!! So, I have no real reason to be immune suppressed ATM, not been on as much pred as usual, in fact, have had a good old break from it. Have had a few chest infections in a row, and can imagine they're not fully resolving each time, which I can understand, but currently I have a chest infection, a UTI, an infected cut on my leg and an infection in the cyst on my ear liobe (which gets infected regularly). Now, it might be just a case that this is bad luck on my part, but is it possible there is another reason? Could lots of chest infections make my immune system tired and stop it bothering? I'm eating reasonably, take vitamin tablets as well (just I case) but bit frustrated, my ear usually needs three or four different courses of a cocktail of abx to clear up, am currently on amox 500 which hasn't fully cleared up chest before and makes no impact on ear, so I'm here thinking I. Going to be I. It for the long haul which is a tax frustrating!!

Like I say, could well just be me being unlucky, but can anyone think of anything??

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A stab in the dark here, but my GP never puts me on pred when I have an infection and he tends to avoid steroids in flu season. May be the pred that have had the effect on your immune system. I read somewhere that it does lower your immune's system ability to fight illnesses for some reason but like I said I'm not 100% sure just an idea

hope it helps and that your infections clear up soon

Paige xx


Soph have you had bloods done to look at your immune system? I had all these done as part of my work up at Papworth due to the amount of infections I was getting (was barely lasting two weeks between infections at times).

I was checked for things like CVID (common variable immunodeficiency) which is treated with infusions.

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