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Hi all

Firstly Happy New year to you all! Let's hope it's a good one please.

Just hoping for a bit of fellow support and advice really, been having a bit of a rough patch unfortunately, main prob is SOB most of the time . I've noticed over the last two days I've been very thirsty, not something that's normal for me, so was wondering If anyone else has this. Could it be the SOB causing my thirst or is it unrelated I'm wondering .

Obviously I'll bring it up in my next appointment but I'm wondering about others experiences, if it's happened or is normal for you what do u do to releive it or can I help it ? don't want to go in all singing all dancing with SOB is cause, if there going to look at me like I'm a complete fruitcake ?

Thanks x

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Is your mouth just dry because you are breathless and mouth breathing more? That can do it.


Thanks nursefurby this had crossed my mind! It's so frustrating, just needed reassurance


as well as the mouth breathing i find i naturally drink less as its more effort when im SOB, and i often feel a little nauteous so drink less and its all a bit of a viscious cycle leading to dehyration etc!


Could you be getting a cold or something?

Usually before I get a cold I get incredibly thirsty.


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