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Finishing pred course

Just wondering if anyone has had similar experiences before I see GP tomorrow (who I am a bit nervous of as he is a ""you are not wheezing so this must be an anxiety thing"" doctor).

I have been on pred on and off for just over three weeks. Initially due to a flare up probably caused by cold air, then a chest infection and now who know what! This has been three separate causes where each time I stop my asthma gets worse over a few days (this is not uncommon and often have 2x5 day courses). However, what is unusual is that each time my asthma takes a few days to respond. My feeling is that this means the inflammation is not totally being sorted so it is a case of 2 steps forward and then one back. Last week, I went to see a GP (not my usual one as he is away) who said that my usual high dose of ICS should be ok but ended up at OOH over Christmas after an attack where the nurse (who was clearly very knowledgable about asthma) said I should be looking to have a continuous course until my symptoms have totally gone. I spoke to a GP earlier in the week but he said he wasn't comfortable with pred to control it for this length of time (I have been on maintenance pred about 10 years ago). So I finished pred yesterday and today have been tighter than usual and coughing more. This seems quite a quick decline as it is usually over a couple of days.

So I guess what I am asking (I'm quite a long winded way) is:

How long after stopping pred do you notice a decline/realise you need another course (if you do)?

Does anyone have any similar experience of stopping/starting pred over a few weeks?

Many thanks

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Hi Kayla, to be honest I think that's a bit of a 'how long is a piece of string' question - as not only will we all differ as individuals, but our individual responses to pred will likely differ between one course and another. I have times when a reducing course over five days will knock stuff on the head - and at the other extreme, I've had an eight month course of pred. Depends on the situation at the time..


Thank you Nursefurby,

This is what I thought and wouldn't usually ask but I am getting a bit fed up with stopping/starting again and the increasing symptoms that go with it. With it being the holidays, my two usual GPs are away and so I am seeing whoever is available and I know the GP I am seeing later is the all asthma wheezes type (even though the notes from the hospital state cough predominant).


I have been on pred for numerous times in the last two years and to be honest only started to see slight change in peak flow during the course but usual symptoms continued to persist. I ended up been referred to hospital as GP was concerned that there may have been an underlying problem and the consultant changed my inhaler from Symbicort to Seretide which has apparently a longer acting steroid in it that works similar to pred but faster and for a longer term. May be worth asking GP about it. I was told by consultant that my GP had thrown everything bu the kitchen sink at me whilst i was suffering and I have now noticed a significant change that I hope to be on the road to recovery. I still do suffer with chest pain and some attacks but the pain is not as bad and the attacks and now around once every two months. Slow road to recovery but getting there may be worth a try.


Thank you Paige for your reply,

I'm already on Seretide and have been for a number of years. At the moment, I am also using a separate Flixotide inhaler to increase the steroid component. Unfortunately, I have tried most combinations available over the past few years and I do find Seretide the best for me.


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