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House renovations and Asthma

So i never had asthma in my life up until september when i started house renovations. I moved out and by december by asthma had dramtically improved, and i could excecise without an inhaler again. My house renovations for the most part are finished so i decided to move back in. My new room stinks of paint and is very dusty. Within a day of staying there my asthma has returned :(. other than using my inhaler, what can i do to rid the room of whatevers causing my asthma/?


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Air it well to get rid of fumes, and remove dust...?


I bought an air purifier seom time ago, which really helps when there's any dust - could you perhaps hire or borrow one for a day or two?


I bought a robot vacuum cleaner and it goes places a normal one doesn't - under the bed, under the wardrobe, etc. They've really come down in price and make an excellent investment as they can do the work every single day.


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