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advice re severe brittle asthma

Im sorry to bother you all yet again however Im feeling frustrated and concerned, my hubby and mother in law are giving me a hard time re my health getting impatient as i don't seem to be improving yet when i say how i feel they bury head in sand, I know I'm on max treatment but unsure if i am being a wuss or what to think, I am just feeling scared , dare not go to gp as i know i will end up in hospital ,consultant at hospital says there is nothing else he can do for me other than me go to gp or hospital for nebulisers, has anyone else experienced anything similar.

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they are only giving you a hard time as they care about you! if you are really not well then get yourself in hospital, its better now for a few days before new year rather than spending new year in hospital if you see what i mean. i get very scared with asthma who woulden't and better safe than sorry and if you are feeling like this now its better to get medication on board sooner rather than later.


I not so sure my motherinlaw has mild asthma no issues, hubby just grumpy cos I not improving which makes me feel it have to keep quiet re how I feeling n try to hide as much as possible. So I don't get given a hard time, it a scary illness. I feel alone now and scared esp as my chest n lungs feel like they are burning


Please go and get some professional help with your asthma, i try to hang on but i know i shoulden't, i was only joking/figure of speech about them giving you a hard time as my parents and hubby do the same when i am ill. sorry if i offended you in any way that was not my intention. Also the Asthma UK nurses are brilliant try and give them a call if u can


Hi Lola you didn't offend me at all I so frustrated and upset by their attitudes, I'm under my gp, I have a consultant who has referred me to a difficult asthma specialist who I will see end of February. It just getting me down knowing I on max treatment and still struggling. What is worst I feel scared as was told I needed to be in hospital for Christmas but they let me out of gp surgery to phone asthma nurse to see if anything else I could do to prevent it but they said no but I didn't go in as had children but hubby took that as me not needing to be in. He expects all to be normal, I supposed to be back at work on Monday n seeing consultant I worried as don't know if I can cope full time or if he will recomend it, if he says no hubby will be grumpy with me. I now got a pulse oximetry at home to help me gage things, though my sats have dipped twice briefly they are in norm of 95- 98. So according to that I doing ok. Thank you for your advice n support it does mean a lot .


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