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Stat dose of uniphylline after IV

Howdie, hope everyone is well!!

Just escaped costa - self discharged as felt ok and wasn't going to stay in for Christmas when I was over the worse and have nebs at home!

Came off IV aminophylline yesterday and there was a bit of a cock up with my drugs, I kept saying - especially when I was reviewed in the night as became ill again that it was probably due to my theophylline levels dropping.

Anyways it was only taken seriously about. 30 hours later when I explained to the cons I discharged on. He respected my wishes but asked me to stop while I had the uniphylline - obviously I said yes, wasn't being awkward or dissatisfied with the level of care - I just wanted home! So he have me a stat dose of. 800ug - only take 300ug bd. Obviously I've not taken my evening dose (I'm tachy and feel sick etc - but not toxic) .

Just wondered if this is normal or what? I think ideally he'd have liked to give an IV dose to get levels back up, but obviously couldn't. I just haven't heard of an oral loading dose and thought that it was more likely to cause toxicity? I'm sure the resp cons knows what he's doing - I'm just curious lol

I'm fine though :-) looking forwards to chilling out for a few days and plan on being very careful and going back if things slide

Laura xxx

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I was left a little too long after coming off IV aminophylline a week ago.... nebbed through it....

Generally I usually stop IV mid morning then have my usual evening dose at 8pm ish.



Cheers Kate - that's what's happened to me in the past!! It's odd the way it was done and I think may be partly responsible for me being back in and on IV aminophylline again. Missed 2 doses as thought I was toxic but my levels were subtherapeutic last night. Uniphylline gives some semblance of stability day to day, so being subtherapeutic, having an infection, self discharging myself the other day and just generally crappy lungs aren't a happy combination and one that's VERY likely to have put me in?! Hoping they calm very soon!!

I think the stat oral dose was given so that my levels went up - ideally it'd have been IV. But knowing what to do

At home with uniphylline is tough!

Hope you're well xxx


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