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Well it wouldn't be Christmas if I felt well lol

Merry Christmas everyone

Feeling fed up at feeling poorly! I've had chest infection then pneumonia a change of inhalers, 4 lots of steroids, 3 courses of antibiotics and lots of rest over the the last 7 weeks as Dr said all my energy was going into breathing. Had about a week of feeling quite normal but last few days back to being tight chested, coughing but haven't felt breathless. Nausea, headaches, sinus pressure, post nasal drip is running out of control and nasal spray not helping..... It's driving me crazy!! My peak flow has dropped from my usual 350 to 300 I'm hoping it doesn't drop further. Think I'm going to end up back on pred and possibly antibiotics... Hate the winter!!!!!

Rant over, happy face on for Santa coming.... So pleased I'm not hosting Christmas lunch this year.


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I know the feeling.. pants isn't it! Hope you manage to have a nice day despite all that x


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