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Peak Flow/?Asthma

Hi everyone,

I've just been given a salbutamol inhaler for suspected exercise induced asthma, and over the next two weeks I've been asked to chart my peak flow before exercise, when symptomatic and after using my inhaler.

The Doctor has also asked me to see an asthma nurse; I'm not sure if this is because I do occasionally experience tight chest/coughing at other times - such as exposure to smoke, and I get chest infections every winter as every virus seems to go straight to my chest (although touch wood nothing since the beginning of the year!!).

I went out last night with some friends, and woke up this morning with a tight, heavy chest. To me it feels like that feeling you get right before a chest infection, only I'm not sick! I tend to feel a bit mucous-y with it, but there isn't really anything to cough up. I did my peak flow and the best I got was 380, took my inhaler and my peak flow increased to 450. My personal best is 460.

As 380 is only a minor dip, I'm not sure if it is significant and just wondered if any of you could shed any light?

Thank you.

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