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Asthma & Atrial Fibrillation

Hi all, new to this.

For about 7 years I was going to the doctors complaining of wheezing, sore chest, headaches, allergy symptoms etc. Each & everytime I was sent home with antibiotics for a chest infection. In January of this year, days after visiting my doctors again, I suffered what we now know was a very serious asthma attack & I was in hospital for a few days - at last I knew why I was feeling so bad. I had asthma.

Since March of this year all I've heard from my doctors is my asthma isn't under control. I'm on 500mg Seritide, on oral steroids every few weeks but nothing is stopping my asthma attacks. In September this year I went to my doctors, complaining of a sore chest & feeling like my heart was trying to beat out of my chest & beating very fast. I was told it was a side effect of the seritide. Sent home with another, different inhaler. A couple of weeks later I was back, this time to see the asthma nurse. My asthma was at worrying levels, my heart was still beating like a jungle drum & my chest hurt like hell. I was sent home with steroids & another inhaler.

A few weeks later I was back in hospital. A severe asthma attack & the reason my heart was beating so bad was because I had Atrial Fibrillation. Not a good mix.

I've put a formal complaint in to my doctors & have the meeting with them on Friday at 9am.

Any advice would be gratefully appreciated!!

Regards, William

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How did you get on?

Im experiencing something similar to you


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