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Specialist centres- whaattt?!!?!?!?

Hey, Feeling a bit meh and confused and tbh a bit scared this eve!!

Been at clinic today and seen both my resp nurse and cons. Resp nurse is lovely, cons is a bit of a wet blanket!!

They have decided that they think that they need to refer me to the ""Brittle Asthma"" clinic at Heartlands in Birmingham and as you can imagine its (though I guess it shouldn't have!) come as a bit of a shock!!

A million and one questions ...

- has anyone else been to Heartlands?

- What are they like?

- What will they do to me?

- What treatment avenues will they explore?

- Why can they do different things to my local?

- Will they give a plan for me to use at my local A&E?

- Will I be expected to go there for A&E (nearly 2 hours away!)

- Why have I been referred there? There are at LEAST 2 tertiary respiratory centres closer

- Will I be able to keep my current team too?

Sure I will have more to ask!! Any additional thoughts greatly welcome!!!

Laura xxx

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