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I've been coughing almost constantly now for 2 weeks (and i've completely lost my voice today too) so i decided it was time to see the doctor. I got in about 5.15 (not bad in our surgery for a 5pm appointment). She did all the normal tests - tempertaure / look in my ears and throat / peak flow and listen to my chest and back, she asked me to take a couple of deep breaths - cue lots of coughing!! The result is that i've got an infection in my left lung so i've been given 7 days amoxicillin and 5 days pred. I've never had pred before and that surprised her too cos she asked how long i'd been asthmatic (most of my life) and then commented it was unusual that i'd not come across steroids before - guess i've just usually got very good control.

What should i expect from the pred? I've been told to take it after my breakfast (30mg) but that's about it.

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  • Yup, take with food, as early as possible as it's less likely to disturb your sleep. I don't get any side effects on 30mg, hopefully the only effect will be that you breathe easier ;)

  • Sorry to hear youre not well. Hopefully the drugs will kick in quickly and you will soon be feeling better. As Nursefurby said, a short sharp course like this should give you all the pros without the cons xx

  • Thankyou nursefurby & sparkly, how quick does pred usually start to kick in?

  • For me it takes a couple of days before I start noticing improvement in my breathing.

  • i've only ever been on short courses but it makes me hungry!!

  • as early as humanely possible is the best time to take pred! I wake up especially to take it at 6 and then go back to sleep! I found it strated working on the secondd ay of my first course of pred, think it takes a bit longer now! some people get a bit teary as well - just to warn you if you do! feels like you're just a bit hormonal!! :-) hope you feel better soon!!

  • STUPID doctors / chemists!!!!!!!!!

    i was 2 pred tablets short on my prescription on tuesday - as the pharmacist pointed out 6 doesn't go into 28! (6 tablets for 5 days = 30 but the dr only put 28 on) pharmacist says ring dr get them to authorise another 2 tablets and they can give me them. LOADS of phonecalls (made by my mum cos i've totally lost my voice) and 2 days later no authorisation / new prescription can be found so the doctor will issue another SIX - why when i only need 2??? AND i will have to pay for another prescription!!!!!! That's nearly £40 on medicines in one week!!!!!!!!

  • Seriously considering not bothering going back for the last 2 / 6 tablets! It'll just mean I only have 20mg on the last day instead of 30. I'm hoping that because I've never actually needed the pred before that it'll do the trick REALLY REALLY begrudge paying £7.85 for the sake of 2 little tablets!!!!

  • I hope you are feeling better Jinglfairy and that the pred has helped without too many side effects.

    I always find it funny when the GP is trying to work out how many tablets I need, particularly when I am doing a fast taper and he really has to sit and think and then double check with me. The opposite happened to me this week (I was given 28 when I only needed 24) which confused the doctor I saw today. Unfortunately I am back on then after only 2 days so will have the opportunity to use them up.

  • You got my tablets Kayla!

    At times today I've thought maybe the tablets are starting to work but tonight it doesn't feel like it. I think I've coughed more in the past 2 hours than most of the day.

    Tomorrow I'm going to at least try to dance (got a private lesson at 9am) my teacher knows I'm not right' she even texted me to ask if I'd be well enough to dance. She's often very good at spotting when I should stop for a rest - sometimes she's even better than I am in that respect !! With that in mind I reckon I'll be ok, of course I'll have my inhaler with me!!!

  • well i'm now *starting* to feel better yaay! :-) Last night was the best night's sleep i've had for at least a week and this morning when i was getting dressed i suddenly realised i could actually breathe freely. i think probably my breathing had got tight but i didn't quite realise it cos it's been building up for a couple of weeks.

    I did my dancing lesson and as i predicted i was told to ""breathe"" a few times LOL but i was really pleased to get through it fairly unscathed and Ann said at the end she was amazed at how well i'd done :-)

    One question, i've been really hungry today - is it normal to get pred munchies on just a short course or have i simply found a convenient excuse?

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