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Been in since sunday and whilst theyve had 4 different cannulas in me during this admission, one in my left hand has remained constant. it has been horrendously abused, the trouble is that vomiting badly triggers my asthma, and ive been very nauseous from the pain etc so theyve been shoving vast quantities of cyclizine down it (ok - maybe not vast but it felt like i lot) and that was the main vein they've been shoving 100mg of hydro TDS into, and hydro is nasty for yur veins too. the vein feels solid from about halfway down my hand for a good 15cm and it KILLS, i can't move my wrist properly. it looks kind of weird as well - dont *think* it looks infected - but it looks odd! (although thats a point - it was in for 5 days - do i need to keep an eye out for infection). does anyone have any tips and tricks for easing the pain a bit, and will that vein be trashed for good now? im looking forward to my hand veins going, my elbow veins look worse but are actually quite a bit better but they always go for my hands first which is much more painful, and they fail much faster. but yeah - any ideas on how to look after my poor old veins!!

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nothing to add but hugs!!!! You know what the state of my veins are soph as you've felt them!! My worse one is my right elbow, too scarred to get it in anymore!!

One in my right hand *accidently* failed last week! Hate hands!! Have you ever had them in your wrist? Painful, but seems to last?


Hi Soph - did they dilute your HC and cyclizine? The HC in particular is best going in over 10 mins in at least 100ml of liquid. Otherwise it will just trash your veins.

Poor you! I hope you're feeling a bit better.



Soph, if your veins are that bad and are getting used so much, would they consider a port or PIC line? My understanding is that venflons shouldn't stay in for longer than three days - last time I had them, the date was written on to ensure they were changed every 36hrs due to infection control etc. If your veins are hard it sounds like you have phlebitis which is horrid and you need to make sure they know so they don't continue trashing them!

This article might interest you:



Curiouser - they did a teeny bit of cyclizine dilution, but no where near enough for the cyclizine OR hydro! And they were shoving the hydro in really quickly, enough that it made my skin all tingly (and bursting to pee!!). I kept asking them to do it slowly, and i twice asked the doc if he could a)stop me having to wait 9hrs between doses, and if i could have it go through a drip thing rather than neat, and he kept saying yes and then forgetting.

Nursefurby - They keep discussing longer term access, but its one of those things where i have frequent short stays so they always mention it in an emergency (when obvs my veins run away and hide) and then when things calm down a bit it always sort of gets forgotten. I gather from the link that the phelbitus will likely go away on its own now the cannula is out?? also - is that why they ask if it hurts when they put things through it?? I assumed it was a nicety and they would slow down if it hurt, so i always just say its fine even if it stings - am i reading it correctly in the article that thats checking for infection (in which case no sense in being brave!!)

vein is still very sore and hard, but i can move my wrist a little better now so hopefully its on the mend!!


My veins have taken a real thrashing this admission too. The first cannula went in ok, but I was only being observed at first and it wasnt flushed, so by the time they wanted to give me mag it wasnt working. Cue nearly 2hrs of trying to get one in while I was going downhill fast, resulting in 6 burst veins, one that just didnt work and finallu working cannula in an extremely small vein that was painful from the very start - mag over 90mins was fastest they could manage.


Im now on day 10 of hydro 4x100mg daily and having it in 100mls over an hour to be gentle. Thankfully the current cannula is painless and working well but Ive had 6 this admission surviving an average of just 24hrs and being really sore. This one officially due to be changed today but theyre leaving it because its ok and Im so hard to cannulate, and hopefully finishing hydro tomorrow morning. I certainly would prefer pic lines, likewise I prefer an arterial line if theyre wanting lots of abgs.


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