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Correlation between happiness and lungs

I've been on new drugs (much higher dose) for over a month and they seem to be suiting me incredibly well so far. Everyone keeps telling me how happy I am and I say it's because I am well for once. I was terribly ill last winter and was very thin as my body was constantly exhausted from fighting everything. Obviously this did get me down and I did not feel myself at all. It's not surprising really, not easy having a tight chest 24/7 (I don't know about anyone else but it makes me very snappy and I get annoyed over everything which only makes the lungs worse), being too tired to go out etc.

I know that whilst I am well at the moment I am most likely still going to have bad times but I do not want to ""lose myself"" again as this is the worst part.

How does everyone keep this from happening? I find it a lot to handle and whist my friends/fam are good at listening I know they can't fully understand and I know they do get bored of listening to me moan no matter how much they deny it.

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