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Chest infection was Pneumonia!


After a rough few weeks I've been told my chest infection and flu symptoms was actually pneumonia. I had 2 lots of antibiotics and steroids before I'd started to feel better and breathlessness and peak flow improved.

I went back to work (special needs nursery children... Very busy from start to finish time) and only managed 3 days, I have never experienced tiredness like this, to the point where I feel 'drunk' un coordinated and can't think straight , I see the dr on Thursday I know the sharp pains when breathing is pneumonia recovery but I've started to have an ache/ burning feeling in my back around right lung area (infected side).

I suppose my question is has anyone else experienced this ache/burning feeling? How long before this settle?

Lisa x

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Well I'm back on 8 a day pred.... Lungs having a hissy fit and dr said if things continue like this I'll end up in hospital... Fingers crossed i don't. X


I hope the drugs work their magic Lisa. I had pneumonia 4yrs ago now, at a time when my asthma was actually well controlled, and I needed 4wks pred and 6wks antibx! It took me over 3mths to feel normal again but I was back to work after about 5 days for nannying and 3wks for teaching aerobics. Would probably have been better waiting longer but had only just started teaching and didnt want to risk losing clients.


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