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Attack or not?

So after 27 years of living with asthma, I thought I was pretty clued up on these things but apparently not. I was wondering if anyone had any similar experiences/advice.

Basically, after a whole 3/4 weeks of being relatively controlled for me (although nowhere near controlled in reality) my asthma has started to get worse again and at the weekend, my peak flow really dropped and was getting quite SOB so phoned 111 to get an appointment with OOH for some pred. After a lot of confusion and a very rough night, I ended up in A&E on Sunday despite my protests that this was not an emergency. Even when quite unwell, I don't really have attacks as a reliever sorts out SOB quickly so I am often made to feel like quite a fraud. After apologising about my being there, the doctor agreed I would need some oral steroids before seeing my GP and went off to get them. On her return, she filled out some guidelines and declared that my pf was low and that it would be classed as a moderate attack despite not being majorly SOB. The one advantage this did have was that I also got a neb and my lungs showed their amazing reversibility as my pf went from 250 to 400!

Now this has played on my mind over the last few days when I have had a lower pf than that moment (when it was actually quite high compared to previous day) and have been SOB still with a tight chest/cough despite being on pred. I am also feeling a little confused as usually I am quite symptomatic but my numbers stay up. Not really sure what to make of it all really.

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