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Flu Jab is not gonna happen! Aarrghh!

Hi everyone

Just wanted to guage what people are doing when they cant have the Flu jab because of oral steroids

This time of year is always hard as we know but due to my ongoing steroid taking, on and off for the last month or so, they have cancelled my appt because the jab will not take effect whilst on steroids

Been told to have seven clear days before having the jab but in the real world where Asthmatics live, that isnt always possible is it!

Have had a long lastting cold recently now have a persistent cough in the mornings and even though I have a Neb and Oxygen I still needed that boost at the weekend when everything started heading downhill and I was just feeling ""Done In"" so out came the Prednisolone!

Is there an optimum time to have the jab as Dec Jan and Feb are classed as Winter months? Should I hang on in there and try for seven clear days then have the jab or just try to keep well on the steroids. I really hate the bloatedness, increased appetite for rubbish and the bags of energy which prevent my sleep each night BUT they give me respite and my God I needed that so bad at the weekend when I felt so low it was awful

Any advice on how you are all coping would be great


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I didn't know that you couldn't have the flu jab whilst on pred!? I did.

I know how you feel needing a bit of respite. I don't have or thankfully need home oxygen, but do have home nebs and never seem to get below 30mg pred without an admission. An infection put me in last week for a few days.

I'd just have the flu vac, better than getting full on flu! Or ask your GP about how it interacts with the pred? My cons didn't say anything about it,



I was told can be on steriods as long as well, so if on a rescue course of steriods due to recent attack then no, but if on them long term or tapering its fine


Yes I had it on steroids too, my GP wouldnt let me out of her office without it the first time I saw her after my last admission, my consultant checked Id had it at my first clinic after that admission, and I was checked on both initial admission and arrival in the main ward this time! No-one ever mentioned not having it on pred, rather making it clear how important it was to have it.

Flu can be a killer, and I was most grateful to have had jab when the child I nannied succumbed, as did his mother!


I had mine on pred, and I got it as soon as it came out probably early October? When the summer asthma was fading and before the winter asthma took hold! I had not long been quite sick too, but it was one of those times where the risk of having it sick and on steroids etc was as bad as waiting and not being able to get it. If you can't make it the time they are asking you to go without the pred, just explain. They should see it's worse not to have it and for you to end up with flu! Good luck!


I also have had mine whilst on steroids... Several times.


The recommendations re administering of flu jab in the BNF are as follows with regard to steroids:

Specialist advice should be sought for those being treated with high doses of corticosteroids (dose equivalents of prednisolone: adults, at least 40 mg daily for more than 1 week)

I was on less than 40mg when I had it.


Ah, seems the key is specialist advice then.


I also had flu jab whilst on predisone - but I've also been on varying doses for nearly a year.

Perhaps it depends on how suppreseed one's immune system is - which would be a reason why specialist advice needs to be sought?


Hi everyone!

Just to say a big thanks for all your advice and My Jab is booked in for this Friday at 2.40pm!

Sorted x


It appears from the recommendations that specialist advice is only required if on doses of higher than 40mg for more than one week (pred or equivalent).


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