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neck(uneasy ness)+ Upper Rib Near to Shoulder(pain), shoulder (pain)

Dear Doctors,

Bit of detail description , bit of history as well

Current age: 35 male

Tobacco user : Gutkaka, khaini

iam an born brought up indian until 25.

doctors have diagnosed that iam asthmatic at the age of 19 when i had a severe cold and nuemenia like symptoms.

they prescribed me to use ROTAHALER with BUDECORT200 CAPSULES when asthmatic or unstopped coughing..

This continued for 1 year.

Then took Ayurveda medicine named ""PANKAJ KASTURI"" for 3 years never used ROTAHLALER for next 5 years, ( except when i attacked with severe cold).

In 2011 my GP asked to take SALBUTAMNOL, This contined for year when needed.

in 2013 APRIL my GP asked me to take BROWN INHALER + SALUBTAMNOL regularly twice a day, but i did not use as she/he prescribed, but rather used whne ever needed.

Now in Dec 2013 , now having a slight pain in my upper chest next to rib bone and next bone not below that, also having pain in next and shoulder.

Similar thin happend previously in 2010 June . but it relived in 3 days . but now it is more than 4 days pain still there.

as doctors , what do you recomend or i should do.


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