Heading for another longish admission

Having been admitted (kidnapped!) straight from clinic last wednesday I hoped Id be in and out quickly. Unfortunately I went down very fast and by Friday night I was quite seriously unwell, at least in part due to complete exhaustion after 2 days and nights with absolutely no sleep on an acute ward. By the time I got moved (to another admissions ward) I was at breaking point and had no energy to breathe any more. The duty doctor was considering venting me but thankfully B2B nebs, O2 and painkillers...

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  • ...as my chest and back were really hurting relaxed and eased things enough that I could hold my own. Saturday I finally got a bed on the resp ward, which is an absolutely fantastic ward, and things are very, very slowly improving. Im still on O2 and can only manage short conversations before running out of puff. Havent managed to leave the ward at all yet-usually do everyday-and have only ventured to the tea trolley once. I had hoped to get home tomorrow but it wont be happening! Drs this morning told me..

  • ...my job is to rest and not push myself, and theirs is to get me better! So Im doing what Im told (not my strong point!) and waiting to see what my consultant says tomorrow, Ive luckily managed to time the admission with her turn on the wards again!

    Hope everyone else is okay and not struggling too much.

  • Well I had hoped, albeit not especially optimistically, to be going home today, but Im not. Its not even certain I'll be going on Friday, though we agreed when I came in that I can go home for a few hours Saturday for a special event I really cant miss and that still stands as long as Im no worse. Im very disappointed and very tired, I desperately need some sleep but my cons has said Im just not stable enough to have even one nights sleeping tablet. She has moved the hydro times to make the last one 10pm.

  • Other than that we arent making any drugs changes, she doesnt think there would be much benefit and neither do I, just need to be supported and watched carefully while my body recovers from the nasty chest infection I had, which seems to have cleared even tho my temp keeps spiking. Anyway, Im sure Ill feel better later :-)

  • Hope you start to feel much better soon, what a rotten time you are having.

    Lisa x

  • You seem to have such a horrible time of it lately! As if being in hospital isn't bad enough, the not sleeping makes it equal to torture!

    Good luck, hopefully you start to recover soon!

  • Thank you. Yes, I am feeling pretty miserable but I trust my consultant (and having spoken to so many who struggle with theirs I know Im lucky there) and will do my best to do what she says. She listens to me and I could see her weighing things up before saying I needed to stay, so it wasnt a blasie response.

  • So sorry you are having a rough time - hope you are able to get increasing bits and pieces of sleep as the days progress.

  • Oh dear. I had really hoped to be going home today but no question of it. Managed one rubbish PF then one reasonable one, but then coughed so hard I couldnt do a 3rd. Air entry still rubbish, potassium levels rubbish, emotionally feeling rubbish! Considered signing out but know my lovely cons isnt keeping me here for her pleasure and wants me to be well enough to go home and stay home - and as she said today, to actually be well enough to enjoy Xmas and not just cough the whole way through it.

  • Still here. Just stopped hydro and back to pred, have to see what happens between now and tomorrow afternoon to know if I can escape then.

  • Hoping for the best for you!

  • This really is proving to be a tough admission. Monday my cons stopped hydro and restarted pred to hopefully get me home yesterday. Yesterday PF had crashed again so off pred, back to hydro and staying in. Today saw the other cons who seems to think Im here for fun and insisting on having hydro so asked him to put me back to pred and discharge me but no, says he will try to get me home for Xmas!!! Again suggested RBH but told him Ive had enough of doctors and hospitals and being passed from....

  • one person and one method of treatment to another. I just want and decisions and changes (barring real emergencies of course) to be made by my usual consultant who knows both me and my asthma after this awful year. Seriously, if I had the breath Id scream today!!!

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