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Asthma out of control

Hi any help or advice welcome.

Im 34 and normally really fit. I was diagnosed with asthma in 2001 and its been mostly doormant since. However about 2 months ago i caught a few bad colds and 'whack' its come back with vengance. I cant run at all or train and have a peak flow on an old meter of 500. I cant get higher.

Had a range of steroids and on montelukast now with a 200/6 symbicort inhaler.

I seem to have a decent blast of air out but cant repeat this afterwards.

Im not a smoker but have been around smoke and work in the cold a lot.

Any advice on how to get past that 500 mark. My predicted should be 650 to 700?

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What dose of Symbicort are you on, and is it your only inhaler or do you have a seperate reliever? It might be that your GP could increase your regular dose, or put you on SMART if youre not already to increase the steroid dose while youre not too good. There are other options (eg oral steroids) so dont worry too much. Some of the bugs around seem to be taking a while to shift - Ive landed up in hospital again thanks to a chest infection - so hopefully youll feel better very soon and back training again.


Thanks for the reply and yes I do have ventolin as well. The symbiocort is a 200/6 that I take 2 puffs twice a day. Im not on SMART Ill have to look into that

Thanks for the info


buteyko method am recomending to you, many people many success with this method, please try


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