Prescribed Steroids


I have been suffering with a tight chest, not wheezing, but just struggling to breath.

I went to the doctors and I have been prescribed a 7 day course of taking 30g per day of steroids.

Its my 4th day today, and haven't noticed any difference, I was just wondering how long it usually takes to notice any changes?

Edit: I am taking steroids in tablets, not inhaler.. to clear up my chest.

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  • Hello,

    I was showing classic asthma symptoms, a decrease in lung function (peak flow) in the mornings, when I started taking Symbicort steroid inhaler, the dip in my lung function recovered immediately. But from my early understanding of lungs/asthma and drugs some people can take a little time to react, depending on what you have.


  • Hi AJ, I am not actually sure how quickly they kick in but when I was on them in August I didn't know the difference at the time - probably because my body was so exhausted from fighting everything. But eventually it made a huge difference so stick at them and keep resting!

  • Thanks. Just starting to panic it could be something more serious, whats confusing me is there is no weezing and it just appears to be a tight chest, like something blocking me breathing.

    Maybe its just normal for asthma?

  • 7 Days are over, no luck with the steroids, so back to the doctors tomorrow! : (

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