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School Application - Is asthma an exceptional medical reason

I am just starting to fill in my sons application for reception year at school next year. He has a few allergies (egg, nut, diary intolerance) along with Asthma. He has had pneumonia and pleurisy associated with it while we learn how to manage the condition - a steep learning curve for us. We also have a younger son with asthma too.

We live in a village and always assumed the kids would go to the local school, however last year not everyone got in. I wondered if when filling in the form it is possible to list asthma under the serious medial reason. I know I will need supporting evidence from medical professionals. Has anyone had this experience where it has been considered or not? Obviously asthma isn't uncommon so not sure if it would be taken into account.

I feel its important for him to be as close as possible to parent/carer help in case of an asthma attack or allergic exposure.

Any advice / experience appreciated.



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