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Just been diagnosed but they forgot to give me the blue inhaler :(

Hey, this is my first time on a forum. I love how you guys all support and advise each other so I hope you don't mind

that I post.

I'm so so lost. I underwent major surgery approximately 6-7 weeks ago and thank heavens all went well regarding the procedure

However, I have had an extremely difficult time post op. Initially I started with some kind of allergic reaction and that caused my throat and face and mouth

to all swell but once that was sorted I suddenly developed trouble breathing and the most horrific cough. I have literally been coughing so

hard that I've been coughing up bits of blood along the way.

After a long few weeks and lots of tests it's now become clear that I am asthmatic. However,

the consultant that diagnosed me was not informative at all.

He gave me a red inhaler and told me to take 4 puffs in the morning and 4 at night and well that's all he said.

The last 2 nights have been awful. It's been so hard to breathe, I go very red in the face and get scared to lay down.

I finally spoke to my gp this evening who was so upset to hear me still coughing and breathing so badly and evenmoreso

was totally shocked to hear that I do not have a blue inhaler. She wants me to take a course of Prednisolone ( if I've spelt it

right?)...and she has prescribed me a blue inhaler.

I just wondered if anyone has any advice for sleeping? as I don't get my blue inhaler or steroids

until the morning so I have one more uncomfortable night to face. I have noticed cold air

is a killer.

I would appreciate any reassuring advice.. I feel very much out of my depth and nervous..

every breathe is a struggle..

I'm sure once on the right medication things can only improve:)

Thanks In advance..



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Hi jojo and welcome to the forum,

It is all a bit scary to begin with and you will learn what is triggering your asthma. I always put a scarf over my mouth and nose until I have warmed up out in the cold and I can't lie down until my symptoms have gone so propping yourself up on pillows may help.

Please feel free to ask any questions on here. Is your red inhaler a red and white one? Called symbicort? Make sure you rinse your mouth after taking any steroid inhaler.

Also, it is good to take the oral steroids (we call pred on here for prednisolone) in the morning as can disturb sleep.

It would be good to have a spacer also with your blue inhaler. Maybe make an appt with your GP next week and ask for one and take along any questions.

I hope you managed to get some sleep!


Hi Jo,

if your inhaler is Symbicort then you can use it instead of the ""blue"" inhaler too - but your GP will follow up with you on that. Some people have both and some people just have Symbicort.

For most people with asthma, warm, moist air is the easiest to breathe. When I'm struggling then I either decamp to the bathroom and fill the bath with very hot water so that the room becomes steamy, or we repeatedly boil a kettle in the bedroom.

As you say, cold air can be a killer.

I hope you manage to get some sleep,



Thank you both so much for your kind responses and pieces of advice.

It has definitely been a very scary week. Yes, I've been put on Prednisolne

and it's proved to really help.. The doctor advised I stayed home for 3 days

to allow the medications to settle in. Today I'm going to embrace the fresh air

again and actually feel very nervous but could never hibernate forever.

Yes, I am on the red and white inhaler, the steroid one and I have been rinsing religiously

thank you :).

I admire you all..

I do feel positive in the sense that once I find myself I will naturally feel stronger and

have more of an idea of what's what.

I hope you all have a beautiful day :)



You are very welcome Jojo. I am glad the pred is working for you.I hope everything settles down and your life can get back on track.


I done the same thing a few days ago, I got put onto the same inhaler as you, and went back to the doctors and told them they forgot to give me a new blue inhaler too.

They explained that the blue inhaler is in the same one, therefore you take your preventer the same as your reliever.


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