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Homework help!!

Hoping someone can help me help a friends daughter complete her assignment!!

Do you know if any of these inhalers are available in the UK ?

Asmabec clickhaler

Budesonide easyhaler (budesonide)

Budelin Novolizer (budesinide)

Alvesco inhaler

Atimos inhaler (formoterol)

Foradil aerolizer (formoterol)

I haven't heard of any of these inhalers but do recognise the drug that they use-so I told her I *think* they must be same drug but under different names/inhaler types from different countries.

Asmabec is Mometasone furoate and alvesco is ciclesonide both I've no idea of so and help of any sort would really be appreciated.

Homework........remembered why I don't study anymore!!

Thanks x

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Yes you are right they are dthe same steriod just defferent brand name. The main steriods are BECLOMETASONE DIPROPIONATE










I'm on Alvesco, the steroid is ciclesonide. (In the UK)


Thanks for your help :)

It was of help to my friends daughter as well as educating me!!

Just had time to google Alvesco-never come across it before and don't think I've ever seen the inhaler before or even seen anyone use it!!

Do you use it as your main ICS inhaler, or is it an add on-also read its a once a day thing and usually taken at night-my nights are always bad even if I'm having a good patch so just wondered if it can be used as an add on if it would help me?

Also, anyone on asmabec inhaler? Again. never heard of the steriod used in it!

Again, thanks for your time and help and fingers crossed she(and me!) get good marks!! :)



Glad to be of use lol. I take fostair which is a steroid and long acting reliever twice a day, alvesco two puffs at night, and tiotropium two puffs at night. Not heard of asmabec.. x


Thanks again-thats food for thought and another avenue to discuss next cons appt

If you have never heard of asmabec, then I guess its not available here or not used anymore as you are the fountain of knowledge :)



Asmabec appears to be the brand name of beclametasone dipropionate. This steroid is in the Qvar inhaler and used to be in becotide years ago.


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