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Is chest pain normal with exacerbation?

Hi all,

I'm just wondering about something that happened last night. I woke up at about 4am feeling a bit SOB,but nothing really concerning since I've had a bit of a cold. I got up to look at the time and as I got back into bed I noticed a pain in my chest, at the front. When I sat still and only took shallow breaths I didn't feel anything, but the pain came back with movement or deeper breaths. I thought about using my inhaler but then I was afraid of the pain from the deep breath. I think I must have fallen to sleep (I'm not sure how awake I was in the first place!) and when I woke up this morning the pain had gone.

I've never experienced pain like that or in the position before but I usually do get an ache in my back. Has anyone else experienced this?

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Do you think you might have a chest infection? It sounds like something to check out with your GP to me.

I get pain in my lungs when I have an exacerbation but just a general feeling of aching type pain not a sharp pain on breathing in.

I hope you are feeling better today.


Thanks for the reply EmC. :)

I don't think it's an infection- then again I'm never sure when I have one (had an awkward moment a few months ago where one doctor told me I didn't have an infection then the next one I saw read in my notes that I had had one!). I think it's just the cold weather and a cold than an infection.

My chest is still a bit achy and tight, but better than it was. My pf hasn't dropped so I think I'll give it until monday and make an appt then if it doesn't improve.

I've read lots of people get achy but I haven't come across sharp pain before. Maybe I'd been coughing in my sleep and pulled something.

Thanks :)


I get sharp pains in my chest that come and go, but that's been normal for me for a long time with my asthma. As it's not normal for you it might be worth checking out with your GP. Sharp pains can also be infection or pleurisy or muscle strains or other things, a lot of which are worth checking out with GP.


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