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High heart rate

Evening all!

So I've been really struggling with my chest the past few days and today I phoned my lovely cons and went to the acute admissions clinic where my pf was 110 (best 420) but had a couple of nebs and amazingly it was enough to make me feel much better and my pf came up to 260! Nebs are never normally enough so I was super happy AND they let me home. But chest is getting tight again and I'm wheezy :(

What's bothering me most though is my heart rate....I normally have a high HR but it doesn't normally bother me! Tonight I have crazy palpitations and my heart rate is about 140/150. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to reduce the horrible feeling of paitations?



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Im assuming in my reply that youre happy in the HR itself but just annoyed about the discomfort? (If not 111 it)

I find the high HR can drive me mad sometimes, so a few thing ps i find can bring it down:

Progressive relaxation

Drinking plenty, i even sometimes drink rehydration drinks

Making sure im not too hot or too cold

Distraction (i di find my hr goes up more whrpen im aware of it, especially if its irritating me, i get angry at it and it goes up)

In terms of being more comfortable the distraction can help, but its hard to take your mind off. Generally the main way i get more comfortable is to fidgit, i kie on the bed and rock it slightly using a leg, i find that if im being jiggled im much less aware of my heart beat, i find i can keep jiggling as long as ive found a low energy eay of doing it, until im pretty much asleep, and once im asleep obvs it doexnt matter.

Sitting in the shower can be nice as well, stuffs hitting your skin is an overriding sensation so takes away the brains perception of pulse

Unfortunately, i find when nebs are really effective my heart rate sky rockets, its annoying, probably youll have to wait it out.


Thank you Soph,

Your right I'm not worried about the HR its self I'm irritated by the feeling of it -_-

I have discovered that fidgeting has done the trick :) and I'm hoping I'll be asleep soon so it won't bother me!



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