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Asthma Worse When Eating?

Hi all,

Quick question.

Is it normal to be out of breath when eating? for the past year now I keep having my odd days where when I'm eating I get out of breath, and I tend to not be able to talk much while eating due to me feeling a little out of breath.

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Yes, I get this too. It's not everyday but I do get occasional days where I tend to swallow one mouthful, then have to take a deeper breath (almost like a sigh), before I take the next mouthful. I'm not sure if this is asthma related or not though, hopefully someone else can give us a clearer idea!



thankfully i don't get this very often but i remember once during my worst excacerbation (i was away in 1997 on a trip with a load of smokers) and my breathing got so bad i could hardly eat. In fact i think that was when people really started to worry - i'd been coughing a lot but by the 3rd day at dinnertime i was refusing most food - my eveningmeal ended up as 2-3 spoonfuls of soup, one piece of meat and a bit of ice cream

I also remember another occasion at lunchtime sitting in my friend's car with her both eating our lunches and in the amount of time we had available i was only able to eat half of mine cos it was so hard to co-ordinate bretahing & eating


Yes I get this when my breathing is bad. I also end up needing to take a breath between sips of drink.



I sometimes have to take my inhaler mid meal. There was a thread before on this about the reason why.


Im like that also at meal times and can only sip drinks also...lol glynis


Being short of breath whilst eating and/or feeling minor air hunger whilst waiting to finish chewing a bite of food is one of my signs that I'm not breathing well. By that point standing, walking, washing up the dishes, getting dressed and other seemingly minor activities are also making me at least mildly short of breath. Being short of breath whilst eating is clearly not the only sign of problems, but when all of the different activities that are making me short of breath are taken as a whole, I know I need to take asthma things more seriously - either use my reliever or if it goes on a while, discus things with my doctor.


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