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Problematic Asthma

Hi everyone

I am new to the forum and have been reading the posts over recent weeks. I have had asthma for many years but it is only been a problem in the last six years.

In early October I had an attack and since then have been suffering with either a wheeze or breathlessness. I was signed off work for two weeks and since have been back working part time. I have been to see my GP about four times in the last few weeks and they have given me 2 short courses of Steroids and then a longer reducing course which I am still on.

I am getting frustrated with this as its going on much longer than it usually does. I usually recover from an attack in a couple of weeks. This is now going on for six weeks.

The GP says I have allergic asthma but they do not know why this episode is going on so long or what has triggered it.

I have a few triggers including. Dust mites, Feathers, Tree pollen and Grass pollen and some Flower pollens.

It seems to me from reading the different forums that lots of you are having problems now. Is it to do with the time of year?

I have had a few Hospital admissions in the last five years. This time I did have an overnight stay due to wheezes.


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