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Burning lungs, out of breath constantly coughing,

What on earth is wrong?

Just nearing the end of my second course of antibiotics and pred for 2nd chest infection since 21oct this year.... Only to get results of septum tests which are clear???

Dr said I had chest infection and flu type symptoms, I have felt so dreadful I am off work. I am still breathless even walking from room to room results in a huge coughing fit (I don't wheeze) peak flow is still down, awake coughing at night, lungs are burning when walking (slow walk to the local shop for bit of fresh air) and YUCK at the glue type stuff I cough up but at least that's clear/white now.

Have a review with Dr but not till Wednesday, review at hospital 2nd December. Feeling fed up and puzzled at how bad I feel with septum tests coming back clear,

Complaints and rant over with and I know many many people are in a lot worse situation than myself but I'm still new to the world of Asthma and trying to learn how to survive winter without feeling horrid or getting sacked from having time off.


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I have exact same symptoms though i not needed to do a sample they took bloods from me, I feel awful, my entire face n neck is swollen too now. I look n del like garbage x I see consultant on monday and Gp monday too then another specialist towards end of Jan. The thing is i back to work on phase return on tues can't have anymore time off it ridiculous i new to company and having more days off than working at this rate so not good, feeling down n fed up as been unstable since august time. hope you get well soon.


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