Hi everyone,

Has anyone had this review with their pharmacists? I have been called in twice now in about 6 months and I am finding it really annoying. I think it is great for people who are less aware of what their medications are for etc but, I find it stressful to have to justify to a stranger why I am on so many medications and why I am on high doses. And that I know what I am doing! Can you decline to have the review?

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  • Ive never heard of it, but my drugs are dispensed at my GP surgery as I live rurally. It looks like an optional thing to me.... the responsibility for prescribing is with your GP after all! (scroll down to MUR)

  • Hi nursefurby,

    I am hoping it is as I will decline next time I am asked and explain I have had it done twice before. See what happens! The first one was a good little meeting but this second one was more hassle as the pharmacist kept saying he really didn't like the drug uniphyllin and do I really need 3 puffs of my symbicort 400/12 twice a day. Perhaps he should try having uncontrolled asthma... He concluded by the end that I do indeed have difficult and uncontrolled asthma and I do know what I am doing... How nice of him lol.

  • I've had one once and the pharmacist was very polite and friendly and didn't really push it which I like. To be honest the asthma nurse at the hospital probably does the best job of explaining the medicine to me but I did it anyway. I'm pretty sure it was optional though. I had already been on the drugs for ages when they offered me MUR anyway.

    Only been offered MUR once and it was a very quick consultation. Every time I get medicine they ask if Ive had it before but I guess all they would say then is ""wash your mouth out after using turbohaler"".

  • Hi,

    My pharmacist (I am very well known to them now) have offered me one several times, especially when I was first prescribed atrovent. They really pushed this and ended up phoning me 3 weeks later to see how I was getting on but then decided that it was pointless to continue as I was being reviewed by the asthma nurse and gp anyway. I was once pestered into having a review where they checked my inhaler technique (I have taken several inhaler, several times a day for the last 25 years). The feeling I get is that it is an initiative set up to help people get the right care in the most appropriate place (my pharmacist is actually very knowledgable and they have specific training on different drugs) but is not appropriate for people who regularly see/are monitored by cons, gp etc. If it is offered now, I politely explain that my medication is under review by my GP and I am closely monitored by him.

  • That sounds like a really good response KaylaCP, I will say that in future.

    I didn't mind the first one because she was just checking everything and I believe that is good practice. This second one was more of an interrogation and it was like he wanted me to say that I wouldn't take the uniphyllin any more as he kept repeating how much he didn't like it and it was a horrible drug. And I had to justify my symbicort dosage. Saying they were both prescribed by a consultant didn't pacify him either.

  • He sounds like a pillock!

  • Hehe, nursefurby, you are so right! Now that takes away some of my irritation!! Thank you.

  • Hahaa that was the censored version! ;-p

  • Surely a pharmacist should be making sure you are taking the medication as required not telling you to go AMA and not take them!! I've had a few MURs but generally it's if I've initiated them to check how things work, I've had a few issues with doctors not really thinking through how drugs work, and pharmacists have been helpful in sorting this out (nausea drugs that work in opposite ways is a big one for me) but most pharmacists who have asked me to have one haven't bothered going through all my drugs as I can feel off doses, frequencies, and uses of the meds I'm on, I hate not knowing why I take a drug, and pharmacists are pretty good at working out that I know my stuff pretty quick. I find it really funny when I start a new combination inhaler and so I've technically never had it before and they want to go through to use a spacer with me hehehe!

  • Ooh would love to know the uncensored version!

    Soph, I have always gone to pharmacists for their expertise and have never had this experience before. I just wasn't expecting it and was also cross he had wasted 20 mins of my time. I also didn't realise it was his job to investigate my diagnosis!! Strange man me thinks...

  • I occasionally have these but not too often - last time was actually helpful as they used that gadget to see if my inhaler technique was ok and it was perfect apparently! Good to know as it's often asked, but as I said to the pharmacist, kind of a shame as that would be an easy fix... I did once get asked if it needed checking when I was picking up a prescription at Gatwick! That was weird...I said err no sorry I have a plane to catch! (I was there as realised I'd run out of Symbicort and not had time to go to a pharmacy at home).

    I also think that pharmacist was a bit weird but sometimes you do get people who just seem to feel the need to weigh in when it's not their business. Surely he should just have contacted your GP if he really had a problem with it?

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