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Asthma is really getting me down

Hello to all,

Thank you for taking the time to read my post.

My asthma is starting to get me down at the moment. Most days I am struggling with shortness of breath, tight chest and I wake up at night needing my inhaler, I also feel very weak which makes me very tried. My peak flow has also started to fall and I am needing a lot of reliever at the moment.

My current medications are: salbutamol, seretide 250, phyocontin and monkalukast, and prednisolone when needed.

I have regular asthma reviews with the doctor and consultant at the hospital.

But I have now go a very tight chest and my back is really hurting around my lungs area which I breath in and out. I don't know what this means? It is really painful.

I don't know what to do about the above.

Please could someone give me some advice thank you.

Look forward to hearing for you


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Rachel, if the pain is severe - you should call OOH and let them talk you through the possiblities: figuring out where the pain is coming from requires (a) a conversation (b) someone knowledgable who can refer you to immediate help if you need it.

Otherwise, I'd try to see your GP tomorrow if you can, so he can assess the situation.

Hope you are feeling better soon!


I agree with Beth, need to figure out this pain.

I hope you feel better soon and try and enjoy lots of sofa surfing, as frustrating as it is.


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