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Pharmacist issues

Ok, so, I moved to England about 6 weeks ago and until now have gotten all of my prescriptions in Scotland, which is free. I took my repeat prescription to my local pharmacy here in England and the pharmacist took it with no problems, even offering to organise the drugs into a segmented tray (with morning/afternoon/evening sections - called a 'dosset box') which I was very happy to agree to as it's something I do at home anyway and so it would save me a lot of time and effort! She then told me that they would send me a text when it was ready to collect. Happy with the arrangement, I left.

I get the text today, while I am out on placement from my university, but decide to collect the prescription on my way home. Approaching the counter, I tell the pharmacist (different to the one I saw before) that I have to collect some medications. I give her my name and wait as she goes to look. She finds it quickly and brings it back to the counter. Then, the conversation goes as follows:

Pharmacist: Why did you want them in a dosset box? Can you not do this yourself?

Me: I can, but it saves me a lot of time if I have them arranged for me, plus, the other pharmacist offered to do it like that

Pharmacist: Hmm. Do you pay for your prescriptions?

Me: I'm not sure - I have just moved from Scotland where prescriptions are free, so I don't know if I have to pay now or not?

*Pharmacist then gets me to read the categories on the back of the sheet to see if I have to pay or not*

Me: I don't fall into any of those categories...

Pharmacist: Okay, then it will be £xx.xx (can't remember the total, but it was a lot!)

Me: Is there not a prepaid option which would work out cheaper?

Pharmacist: *sigh* Do you get all these drugs every month?

Me: Yes

Pharmacist: ALL of them?

Me: Yes, all of them

Pharmacist: Is your asthma not well controlled?

Me: (Thinking: count the number of asthma meds on the prescription - does it look like I'm well-controlled?!?!) No, it's not

Pharmacist: And they make your heartbeat go faster

Me: Yes

Pharmacist: Is that why you take the Venlafaxine?

Me: No

Pharmacist: Oh, what else is wrong with you?

DOES IT F******G MATTER??? Give me the bloody meds, or give me the prescription and I will go elsewhere!!! Turns out, I have to apply for the prepaid certificate online, so at the end of it all, I was given nothing and I have to go back tomorrow! I really thought I was doing well having moved house on my own and suffering terrible home-sickness since I don't know anyone here, but this has really thrown me!

Anyway, rant over. Thanks for listening

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You can ask for a offical recipt if you pay (not just the till recipt) and you can claim it back as long as you pre-payment certificate covers the date you got them. Another option as said go to uni is apply for a HC2 then you get drugs for free!


That is incredibly annoying. also ridiculously expensive if you pay per time with prescriptions.

My most annoying time was when I got to pharmacy to collect prescription and they told me they couldn't give it me because doctor hasn't signed it. wasn't pharmacists fault but I was annoyed.....


Thanks to Bird and Unigirl for making it through my rant. I am going to apologise for the post, I was very frustrated. Usually, I just hand the prescription over, and pick it up when it's ready, no questions asked. But I did not expect to be completely interrogated in front of other customers. It is not the pharmacist's business what my medical conditions are, or how they are being treated.

Anyway, I'm sorry for the long, and probably over-reactive post x


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