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Asthma and Asthma consulant

Good Evening to all,

I hope you are coping with the change in weather.

I have been back to see the the asthma specialist at the hospital who listened to my chest and said all sounded clear.

I spoke to him about taking the symbicot who I have a cold and that I find it hard to breath in as it is a dry power inhaler. I said that I find it easier to take my seretide 250 through a spacer as it is less effort to inhale.

So he has changed me from symbicot back to seretide 250. I am also taking phyocontin, salbutamol, monkaluast, and pred when required. I need to take pred about once or twice a month to keep me symptoms uncontrolled. So I have now been put on calcium and vitamin D£ tablets to help me bones as I am on high amounts of steroids.

Seeing the asthma specialist in 5 months to review my meds.

I am still getting a very tight chest which hurts when I breath,I am not sleeping to well due to this. I also feel short of breath and tried a lot of the time. which is not helpful when you are working special needs children which can be very changing. So it can be hard for me living with asthma.

Hope to hear from you soon with any suggestions.


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Hello Sparkyrachel

You sound as though you are on a lot of steroids!

all the side effect associated with the cocktail of drugs ..are you sleeping at all? and if you are how are the nightmares? steroids plus hypoxia = mad nightmares and sweats and the mood swings etc etc

You have asked for suggestion

Move into a friends house while all your carpets are ripped out and replaced with anything but carpet! (as you know monkaulast is for allergy)

Find a quiet gym where you can do chest expansion exercises

Children with special needs also tend to have repeated chest infections due to lack of ability to expel phlegm) more so if they have physical disability

You are working in a environment that daily exposes you to colds/flu/low dirty hands/chairs,bums//saliva/chest infections

I understand this is a massive thing to think about


A change in life can make a massive change in future lung function

I have gone from working with people with LD to being a PTI and self defence trainer through a change in how I live

I walked away from a job I loved cos it was literally killing me! no more working with folks with Learning disability! Yeah its a rewarding,fulfilling job but it was killing me! literally!)

Leave your job!!!!!!!!


No carpets, no curtains, nothing stored under beds, no cushions, no milk, no air fresheners (evils things!) no perfume, no furniture polish, no perfumed products, get rid of any damp in the house pronto! no more evil prednsilone no more ""moon face""

... You are more important than any one you work with //If you become too ill to work you are no good to any body

Make some serious life changes

Drugs are not always the answer

Well that my rant/suggestion offered. It worked for me


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