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Help explaining to a child

Hi guys and girls

I'm new to the forum and this is my 1st post.

I've just been re-diagosed with asthma after not having inhalers for 12 years and its quite severe. My 9yr old daughter knew I was on inhalers and has seen me very breathless alot but hadn't seen me have an attack until a few mornings ago. It was a really bad attack and took me a long while to get myself out of it and she has been so panicky since even if I cough or take a deep breath she keeps running to me checking on me. My partner has been on nights and shes not slept through worrying about me, I was wondering if anyone knows of any books/panflets etc that could help me explain and perhaps ease her a little bit, I'm finding it hard being back with asthma and am struggling with how breathless and stuff I always am and it is heartbreaking to see her worrying so much at her age. I am at rock bottom at the minute with it all at the minute, my ""friends"" don't seem to understand how serious it is and the only people supporting me is my partner and my parents who are helping me with the children (I have a 1 yr old aswell) whilst I get myself back to some sort of normality and it really has knocked me for six. Any help or advice would be so greatly appreciated. Sorry for writing this essay and thank you for taking time to read this x

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Hi and welcome,

I don't have children/have never really had to talk to children about asthma (other than an inquisitive godson asking what my inhaler was) but I seem to remember being given a book about Desmond the dragon when I was younger. It was a story about an asthmatic dragon who struggled until he took an inhaler which might help reassure her that taking an inhaler is helpful. I don't know how easy it is to get hold of one (or if it is what you are after) but I was given a Desmond the dragon peak flow chart last year so he is still around. I suppose the other thing is making taking your inhaler a part of everyday life and emphasising you are taking it to make you feel better. It is hard when the severity of your asthma changes - I had ten years with very few symtoms on just a few inhalers after having severe asthma throughout childhood but then have spent the last two years getting worse and worse. It does take a lot of getting used. Are you aware of the advice line? The nurses on there are great for pratical and medical advice so it might be worth giving them ring if you haven't already (they might even know of some publications to help).

Take care


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