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Fundraising help?

Hello, I wonder if anyone could help me? I'm new to the asthma UK website & forms. I'm 22 & suffer from severe chronic asthma & have done going on about 5 years now. I have really extreme days where I can't get out of bed & struggle just to walk to the toilet. Had uncountable trips to the hospital & once was rushed for my life to Ayr hospital high care where I was told I am extremely lucky to be here today. It's controlled a lot of my young life but now I've had enough & I am going to do something about it. I've never done a fundraiser of my own before & I'm looking for some advise. I would like to do it thru asthma UK but can I still have a say on where I would like the money to go? I attend Gartnavel hospital and have done for many years, they have a research team there that deals with asthma research throughout the uk & worldwide I think as before I've heard about asthma trips to America etc for meetings. I would like the money I manage to fundraise to go to Gartnavel hospital to help with research & maybe the wards 6c & 7c that are for lungs where I have met many asthma patients. Can anyone help or give any advise? I have tried phoning asthma uk myself & haven't been able to get thru.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks


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