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Peak flow low tonight!

Hi all,

So I was in Hospital due to attack been feeling like I got hit by a bus since then, was stupid and went in to college today, my chest is quite tight, but not had to take blue inhaler as much as I have had to, but checking my peak flow and its down to 200-250 even with taking my inhaler, I don't feel to out of breath like I would so not sure if to take inhaler a few more times and hope it gets betta! As I'm hoping this isn't a sign I'm gonna have another attack! As attack on Wednesday was first big attack in a long time. Had small attacks but not as big as that one, my worse attack was a 10yrs ago where o ended up in icu for week!

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Hi Lisa, sorry you're having a rough time :-(

What is your best peak flow, as percentages are probably the best to go by!

I know today, my best pf has been 400 post neb / which is 60% and only managed that once, my worse has been 120 which is 18% (I'm brittle, my team are aware and in know when I have to get help. I'm not being foolish and irresponsible).

But I always go on percentage of peak flow .

I'd say for definite if this is less than 75% then take more reliever then if that doesn't push it up perhaps call 111 for them to advise? It could be that you're brewing or just that your pf is having a strop ... either way, best to be safe :-)

Fully sympathise with feeling like you've been hit by a bus post attack! I got out of hospital 2 days ago after 10 days and I'm exhausted (but my lungs won't let me sleep) and everywhere hurts!! But then my lungs seem to want to throw a hissy fit for some reason!!

Please don't delay getting medical help, especially with your history (even if it's a long time ago!), even if it's just to call 111!!

Take care xxxx


do you think it might be a good idea to ring 111, then you could get checked out then at OPOH if they think its needed. better to get in early than leave it until you're very ill.

In terms of PF, the numbers themselves dont mean anything much, by the time im down at 200 i would need to be in hospital on IVs, but then my best is 600 and i dont really drop very easily. Generally the criteria used is 75% or above is good, 50-75% is symptomatic, 33-50% is a bad attack and below 33% is a life threatening attack. And whilst this is the usual system, it varies from person to person. you know your own body! if you feel like thAT pf is too low for you, get help, if you get down to 200 quite a lot then its not really a problem if you're not struggling!

111 tend to be pretty useful for 'im not 100% sure whats going on and what i should be doing"" type queries!! hope you feel ok soon!


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