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Horrible resus nurses!

Hello all, long time no speak!

So I was admitted again today to my local, Hillingdon. Although in the past I have had some awful experiences there, I'm actually happy with going there now as I now have a patient passport and Hillingdon have a proper care plan for me now, I see a cons there too so they all know me and have been sooo much better!


Today in resus~ I was completely awful, was assessed by anaethesists regarding intubation, in the end I needed a bipap (a lot of improvement now though and I'm already back on just lots of oxygen and back to back nebs)

So I was lying there with a potassium drip, a magnesium drip, an antibiotic drop and a theophylline drip, on oxygen and just about dying.

and the nurses were horrible! I begged them for more nebs and they shouted at me that I couldn't have them even though the doctor said yes and had gone to get one (but was bleeped off somewhere) and then the male nurse suddenly yanked my iv line hard and It hurt so much I just burst into tears, still struggling horribly to breathe, and all the nurses pretended they didn't notice me crying, the only one who said anything was the male nurse who shouted rudely 'why are you crying?!'- why do you think? I'm 16, alone, in the resuscitation unit, being assessed for intensive care, crying all alone and trying so hard to breathe. I was so angry with him and the other nurse!

So I was just left crying my eyes out, all alone and so low I just wanted to die.

Any of you had similar, horrible experiences?

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I've never had that! Nurses in resus have always been amazing! Had a couple of pratty drs, but mostly amazing. My worse has bee where I've needed IV stuff but not been given in resus, yet have been when got onto the ward.

Are you sure you're on IV theophylline? Not another drug? I tend to get treated with mag and hydro in resus as well as nebs and oxygen obviously. They then go onto other stuff if I rebound or am still bad - but generally when I'm on the ward!!

Plus when I've been on cpap or in the state I was in during this last admission I couldn't use my phone. Was far too ill. You must have bounced back quickly!! Hopefully home soon!

I got out yesterday after ages in costa. Struggling really badly this evenig :-(

Take care xxx



Really? Wow that's weird, I've never not been given iv's in resus if I've needed them. And it's iv aminophylline (but that is theophylline isn't it?)

In resus it was good and bad really- at first my respiratory nurse and physio both came in to see me, and it's really true when they say the little things mean the most. My respiratory nurse came and held my hand straight away, and the physiotherapist stroked my hair while I was struggling so badly, I thought it was so lovely of them. But then when they left, those two horrible nurses made me feel like crap.

I was admitted for four weeks from September 10th onwards, then was out for a week and back in a week, then last week back in a&e, and now I've been admitted again.. Yay :)

And you poor thing, struggling already :( I hope you don't end up back in.. Keep me updated!


Hi, when I've been in, I've always had IVs when I've needed them, apart from a couple of bad A&E experiences, which a. has nearly killed me (no exaggeration) and b. has stopped me from attending the A&E where my consultant is. My consultant, asthma nurse and I are working on sorting out this issue as it's not realistic me not going to the hospital where my team are, or leaving it to the point of an attack where I have the last couple of times, which quite frankly has been dangerous, stupid and irresponsible. But hay ho, I suspect that this is responsible for my last attack taking so long to resolve, was horrendously ill the last time I was in and also for the amount I am struggling at the min with my breathing. When I need to go in though I will. My team are aware of how things are and I'm expecting a phone call today from my asthma nurse after she's had a chat with my consultant about where things are at the minute.

I just don't understand why they were the way they were in resus. I've found that very occasionally you come across a doctor who isn't overly nice, but I guess they're busy etc, but the nurses are the ones who have always been amazing - even if it's just a passing ""are you ok"". I mean if you were wasting time then understandable, but you obviously weren't?!

How come you were treated in the adult area? Just asking cos mostly you seem to be. My sister is 17 and a few weeks ago ended up in A&E with her asthma (fortunately she's very mild and got sent home), but due to family history etc, her initial testament/assessment was done in paediatric resus - there's only 2 resus beds in the adult room, but both were empty. You're a child until you're 18th birthday. Perhaps that's something you should look into? As surely it'd be better for you to be treated by people that look after your age group?!!

I don't quite get the difference between theophylline and aminophylline - but the first time I had aminophylline I asked and they said something about it dissolving in water or something. Aminophylline makes me feel sick :-(



Oh my god, that's awful!! I'm so sorry to hear that and hope you never have such trouble in resus again.

And no, the guidelines have now changed apparently, and 16 is now 'transfer age' so the last time I was in paeds was about a week after my sixteenth, since then I've always been treated in the adult a&e, resus and wards. Although sometimes they do seem to debate amongst themselves if I should be in paeds as I'm still in school/sixth form.. But the decision always is to remain in the adult bit..

Argh, just seen a right idiot of a doctor who was extremely patronising- gave me the 'no wheeze no asthma, this is anxiety related.' Oh, thanks, next time I'm turning blue and about to collapse, I'll remember it's anxiety and not my brittle asthma!!


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