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Asthma Medication

Hi All,

Sitting at home and struggling yet again I thought I'd try to do something to try to keep my mind off my chest but was useful too to me and anyone else with asthma, so I thought I'd put together a list of meds available for treating asthma. I have tried most out there and found the best combination (well not at the moment but 'best' for now!) but am always looking for new drugs to try/change to find better control of my asthma/meds to discuss with cons next time if they are new to me etc. I'm sure there are asthma meds I have missed off (I'm not a medic but just an asthmatic looking for that magic wand!) but thought it might be helpful to anyone new to asthma or anyone wanting to find something to suggest to GP/cons that will give them more control.

Hope it helps and please do suggest inhalers/tablets etc I could add on.

Thanks x

Short-acting beta2 agonists



Long-acting beta2 agonists


·Oxis/Formoterol Fumarate


·Clenil & Qvar/Beclometasone Dipropionate



·Prednisolone (oral)/Hydrocortisone (IV)

corticosteroid combined with long-acting beta2 agonist

·Fostair/Beclometasone & Formoterol

·Seretide/Fluticasone & Salmeterol

·Symbicort/budesonide & Formoterol

Antimuscarinic bronchodilators

·Atrovent/Ipratropium bromide


Other (tablets etc)



·Aminophylline (IV)


·Intal/Sodium cromoglicate

·Magnesium sulphate (nebulised/IV)



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Flutiform is another combination MDI - Fluticasone & Formoterol


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