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Use of reliever inhaler


This is my first post on the forum - never really knew it existed until I was googling the other day!

My history - diagnosed with asthma at 9 years old (just salbutamol easybreathe inhaler 2 puffs when necessary) then about a year later I was put onto beclomethosone 200mg 1 puff twice a day.

I was fine with this, taking the brown inhaler twice daily and my blue inhaler when I needed it (when I had a cold, 20mins before exercise, when my hayfever was bad). My peak flows were normal at annual asthma reviews and the nurse seemed happy with my asthma.

However, when I came to uni (Sept 2012), I had my asthma review and they decided to up my beclomethasone to 2 puffs twice a day using a spacer, but this didn't seem to help too much. I did have a bad cold at the time. They then decided to put me on salmeterol 125 2 puffs twice a day. This seemed to control my asthma a bit better but not totally so she put me up to 3 puffs at night and 2 in the morning. Luckily this seemed to control my asthma although it did take a while for me to feel fully well enough to reduce it to 2 puffs 2x a day in April.

This term I went back to get my flu jab and she did my peak flow again and it was only 90% so she got me to increase to 3 puffs night/2 puffs morining which has brought my peak flow up to normal. However, she did not seem happy that I was using my blue inhaler when I had to cycle at 8.30am into uni about 3 times a week. Exercise and the cold air are my biggest triggers so I presumed me taking my inhaler for this would be ok? She was hinting at steroids but I'm a bit reluctant to go on to them as to me my asthma ""isn't that bad"".....

Also never been admitted to hospital, a+e, ambulance, never had steroids before or a chest infection

So I was just wondering if anyone else had an experience similar to the change in inhalers when moving to a different area (as quite a few of my uni friends have)?

Also is taking my blue inhaler when I cycle necessarily a bad thing?

Sorry this is such a long post, any advice would be appreciated, thanks

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I'm afraid i can't offer much help but first of all i thought i'd say welcome to the forum :-)

I sound pretty similar to you - no A&E / steroids etc, i'm interested in your nurse's opinion that it's not good for you to be using your inhaler when you're cycling :-s Also like you cold & exercise are my main triggers and depending on how i'm feeling on the day i may or may not use my inhaler before exercise (swimming / dancing) the only exception is that i ALWAYS use it before i go out running cos thats the one form of exercise guaranteed to set me off. Admittedly i only see the nurse once a year but she's always said it's a good idea to use the inhaler before exercise.

I'll join you in being confused and eagerly await other replies


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