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Grrr doctors

Hi all,

Had a attack early hours Saturdays to point hubby was close to ringing for help! Luckly after 13puffs I managed to start feeling a bit better. But I knew I was due to have one as I've got a chest infection. Last night I was nearly choking With all the coughing and gasping for Air. Today I don't feel to bad still Coughing lots and ribs are hurting from all the coughing, tight chest is still there, but one thing I don't get much is whezzing?? Does any one else not get much whezzing with there Asthma? I phoned doctors Friday morning to try and get a appointment with Asthma nurse for a review and they Said they would ring me back with a appointment but they never did, so im sat here thinking should I ring up again and try and get in, after having the attack on Saturday . I've finished my Antibotics and steroids now, The inhalers i'm on are the blue one and I take symbicort twice aday two puff each time!

Last time I had attack I was left for a few hours before they gave me the nebs, as one doctor said oh her lungs sound clear and she has no wheezing, but I was really tight chested struggling, luckly a lovely doctor came and gave me the nebs!

Today im still coughing loads and chest is really tight and its hurting to breath in!

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Sorry to hear you aren't feeling well.

I'd be proactive and call them back - this is already Monday and you called Friday.

I know wheezing is the stereotype of asthma, but it seems to me a lot of people don't wheeze much even when they are moving air. Yet they are still struggling and uncomfortable. I know I don't wheeze much unless I am nearly completely well. If you search the forum, you can find lots of posts about asthma, the lack of wheeze, and the way it confuses doctors. It's a huge problem.

Wheezing depends on a lot of factors and they don't all come together right for some asthmatics: what airways are affected (big, medium, or small) , how fast your air if flowing, how much mucus you are producing, and how thick it is.


The absence of wheezing when a doctor is listening through a stethoscope is really annoying. I've on my third week of ABs and steroids now. I have a massive amount of mucus on my chest to the point is is making me sick. Ended up in A&E on Sunday morning and put on a nebuliser. Doctors have said I have an audible wheeze when they're just listening but when using a stethoscope they can't hear it. What is that about?!



Like many others on here, I rarely wheeze (annoyingly I seem to wheeze when my asthma is not that bad) despite moving air. This caused loads of problems for me in April/May and I was often sent away without the steroids I knew I needed. Although frustrating, you need to be persistent -after speaking to the adviceline, I practically told the doctor I needed pred. I have also been to them nearly everyday for a week until they treated me! It is certainly not ideal and it made me feel really uncomfortable but I knew my asthma was bad and not getting better on its own. Another thing I have found useful (especially with OOH/docs who don't know me) is to start of with ""I rarely wheeze..."" or ""I don't feel particularly wheezy but..."". Luckily my cons has recognised my lack of wheeze and my diagnosis on her letters know says severe/persistent asthma (cough predominant). My GP surgery is now happier (but still a bit reluctant) to treat without a wheeze. I get a really tight chest, SOB and productive cough.


Well I've seen the doctor. She said the infection has gone as she can't hear anything, and my lungs sound clear, Good Air movement, she couldn't answer why I'm still struggling to breath and tight chested, as she said everything sounds normal. She has given me another 5day course of steroids and Ive got to up my red inhaler to 3puff twice aday! I've got appointment with Asthma Nurse on Monday for a review, seen her today as had to have some bloods taken and she was going to do the review but she wants to wait for me to finish the steroids first! Doctor did say my lungs could be recovering from Infection and that's maybe why I'm still struggling! This is the reason why I won't go to Hospital when my Asthma plays up because last time they was like ur chest sounds clear and you have good Air movement! The doctor asked if I ever get pins and needles when I'm struggling which I don't. But I'm not gonna lie and say I don't panic as I do, so maybe I have a attack then a panic attack?? Is that normal??


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