can any of you tell me if we are able to refuse consent of medical records to be sought from old medical services abroad by current specialist. Im asking as we were based in holland and had bad experience so much so a formal complaint was submitted by myself and my gp surgery so things didnt end right and dont want all this to be brought up n tarnish the care i recieving right now

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  • Hi there!!

    I'm not 100% certain on this so I wouldn't quote me, far as I know, you have to give consent for your records to be obtained by any other medical person, country or hospital, they can't just take it without your authorisation. Just like you can't just gain access to your notes, it has to be requested through the freedom of information act.

    You can also tell your new consultant that you don't want them to contact your past care providers for that particular reason and they should accept this, if not you should question whether they are the best team to manage your health as if your not being listened to over something ""simple"" like this, will they listen to you when your telling them about how your feeling and to sort out your current treatment.


  • Thank you I rang my gp surgery requesting block re sharing my medical records they had done this but unsure if this will stop them retreiving from the netherlands, but at least there is a start. Ty for your reply x I just trying to reduce unnecessary stress.

  • No worries at all, here to support each other.

    That seems to have been the best option that you can do. I'm not really sure how it stands for different regions/countries etc but I guess if you've put a block on it there's not a lot more that you can do.

    Indeed, less stress is very critical, especially when your trying to get the best care you can.


  • Thanks it been a lonely journey til i joined these forums now im feeling not so alone. Just wish my recovery would speed up .

  • Ditto, this forum has done me wonders, been here nearly three years now.

    Try not to hurry with your recovery, slowly but surly wins the race, the slowly you recover the better healing your body can do, always try and see a positive for why these things are happening.


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