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Well had a follow up appointment after my 3 week admission in hospital today, my respiratory specialist has asked to refer me to one of his colleagues with more experience in difficult asthma. He is still concerned he hasnt fully got me more in control than i am. Im a little worried now any one else gone through similar. He also said i wasn't really ready for work on friday either he said it would knock my confidence if i went and failed at doing my duties :-( feeling rather low, as i thought I had made good progress considering, even though i still tiring. He is reducing my oral prednisolone to 50mg for 5 days then 40 for 5 days then 30 then he will see me again, i concerned as been on 60 almost 2 weeks but 40 since august as couldnt reduce lower as it set things off worse. I just a lil shocked i gonna be under two specialists for it.

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Sorry you are having such a rough time. Last new year I ended up in hospital after a week on pred and antibiotics and ended up on different antibiotic then continued with pred for about 6 weeks.

Take as much time off as you need (I'm worlds worst as doing that myself until now) your health comes first. I hope they manage to get you sorted so you are more in control.

Take care


Hi there thank you i gone down as far as 40 but struggling soma have to go back unto 50mg, I returned back to work today for 3 hours and I'm knackered now struggling a lil and i only done office duties. Unfortunately it just comes as part n parcel of the ill ness i suppose but still frustrating. I been on Pred now since August and no signs of being able to come off it as my body not coping too well without so hopefully they will get me feed soon x


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