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The Food Help!!

So, some of you that have know me from previous times on here, and some of you now know me from facebook after being on here for sooooo many years, but basically I have had a fundoplication operation and Ive not been able to eat properly. Meaning I have to liquidised or mash up food to even slightly attempt to get it into my stomach.

The purpose of this post is I need your help...Im running out of nice different foods to eat to keep my belly...and head sane!!

well...enter your suggestions below ... i look forward to hearing your weird and wacky foods.


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So as not to be redundant - what are you currently eating?

I would imagine you can eat various shakes and things made in the blender and are already doing so - so maybe the question is what food combinations would be creative and interesting (and that you haven't tried yet)?


Hey Beth,

Thank you for replying!!

So what I am currently eating consists of: baby jars on my lazy days, cream crackers plastered in butter and chutney to liquidate it, mushy cereal, can beans and sausages mashed down, soup that my other half has very kindly made, Sunday roast (minus the meat) that my other half also very kindly mushes, tinned spaghetti mashed right down, and basically that is it over and over again, oh and lots of fruit mashed down, love my fruit.

I'm not really making muck smoothes etc as they contain (I think) more fats and sugars than what I would really like to put in my mouth as I'm not able to burn much off because of all my illnesses and disabilities.

I'm managing to get in about 400-600 calories a day, which I know is not any where near enough food but at the moment I am surviving and not getting poorly (much more than before) as taking extra vitamins and also trying to cram in lots of fruit and veg.

So yes after all my rambling lol basically I'm trying to hunt out new foods that either my other half could blend down for me or some nice new foods that I having yet had enter into my life that taste extremely good and would keep me food happy for now lol



Do you need truly bland? Herbs ok? Spicy, ok?

Issues with sugar, i.e. diabetes? Digesting fat?

(Just trying to think of the parameters before I put my cooking brain to work)

In general, blended food doesn't have to be smoothies or other things that aren't good for you: proteins, savories of all sorts can be blended - the main issue is your tolerance for the texture.

You might be able to blend the roast - unless its the texture that bothers you (I do see you blend sausages)

That said: if you are 600-800 calories you might do well to have *some* fat and complex carbs blended in or at least something safely high caloric (Subject of course to whatever diatary restrictions you have).. Even inactive I would guess you still need more than 800 - but again maybe a good idea to check with your doctor or dietician.

Some things that I know mush, blend well and can also be bought ready made or used s a base for some sort of cooking:

* sweet potatoes

* aubergines - roast them well, then blend them with lemon juice, parsley - check internet for recipes

* humus spread - lots of different ways you can dress this up - use the humus as a base and then something else soft on top

* zucchini - cook till mushy then into the blender, add herbs and spices - use as spread or eat as is

* hot oatmeal - can mix in and blend lots of different things in to dress it up a bit

* chopped/blended (chicken) liver spread

Blended soups - though other half is probably making these already:

* cream of potato soup

* cream of [pick your vegetable] soup

* pumpkin soup

* split pea soup

* lentil soup


You think of everything Beth, your fab.

I can't have dairy so anything that can have a dairy free alternative in replacement is fine, if not then it's a no go sadly.

With the meat side of things, the only reason I don't eat it at the moment is because I am a little fussy about textures, and I'm a little apprehensive about blending the meat just in case the texture is all wrong for me and then it has to be wasted, and I feel mega bad about wasting food.

I would love to be able to cram some more calories into my diet (though I am a little paranoid about putting the weight that I have lost back on which currently stands at 2 stone)

having thought/heard of many of those foods, and the current soups we've had have been tomato and potato/leek so those over soups would be fantastic to try.b

Can I buy all these funky foods in places like asda or would it have to be a waitress or Holland and barret type experiment!?

Thank you again for all your help, really is great as I was running on last minute tinned foods that are really starting to drive me bonkers!!



I would imagine you could find them all in ASDA - I never had a problem finding any of those foods at Tesco or Waitrose, but maybe London is just weird that way? (not sure where you live).

If you aren't familiar with the look of aubergines, zuccini, etc - google them so you know what they look like - I'll bet you've seen them a million times and just didn't know.


I'm in the cornwall area and things are rather cruddy for buying things down here, but I will defiantly give it ago if it means I can eat something new with half a decent taste.

I will give goodly ago now just to picture them else I fear I'll be wandering around asda for hours searching for the things I need lol



It depends how adventorous you're feeling. Sone soft things i love:

Cinnamon and carrot and butternut squash soup

Cheesy mash potato (with nutmeg and milk)

Mashed carrot and swede with gravy


Rice pudding and jam

Risotto is lovely and you can make loads of different types or get packets

You can get berry flavoured porridges and stuff which is nice

As a treaty thing, i find that chocolate sponge mashes up with cream and tastes amazing, you migr be abke to find weight watchers versions. When i was underweight that was a nice way to get calories in so i know its not good

I buy bags of frozen fruit and fruit juices, and then blendtp them up with a tiny bit of honey and it makes a nice cold smoothie, or you can freeze them in ice cube trays and suck on them (how i keep my mouth busy with ored munchies)

If you blended up mince and quorn and onion in a tomato sauce, and put mash on it, would taphat be smooth enough to eat as a shepards pie?

I assume you cant eat scrambled egg!p, but thought id mention it if you could.

Is there anywhere you can get hold of 'baby pasta' they sell it it near me, but its teeny tiny soft pieces of pasta, you might be able to make a pasta bake with that type of pasta?

Hope some of these are achievable, bit hard without having to libpve with it to know what you can manage!!' :-)


Also, there is an excellent book to work out what flavours work with what called the flavour thesaurus, i love it and use it all the time when im cooking (thats how i came to out cinnamon in nsoup and nutmeg in mash!)


Charlie, I'm tube fed so if I want real food and not formula it has to be liquid to get down my tube. Have a look at It's a fab website with loads of healthy recipes which taste good blended - free to join if you state you are a tube feeder ;) they also have a dietician on board who you can ask questions.

You will be amazed at the recipes which people blend for drinking, there are a lot of people with those kinds of issues. They briefly considered a nissens for me - thankfully I'm too much of an anaesthetic risk as I don't want one!! x


Thank you both for replying, all of the above are fantastic ideas, and I will defiantly be trying out the new foods and the website as new food is very much needed right now.

I don't think I'll b able to have another general as the only and last two generals I had, I have stopped breathing so I think it'll b far to dangerous.



Hello Char

How have you been? Sorry I haven't been on in ages. I have some suggestions, they are as follows:

Kheer ( a sweet treat, essentially rice pudding with various spices, quite yummy)

Butternut squash soup


Pesto and pasta


Spinach soup

Lentils stew

Cream of pea soup

Cream of mushroom Soup

Cream do broccoli


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