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recovery period?

Hi All,

I have, apparently, been having an asthma attack since Friday although the initial symptoms started on Thursday. I saw the doctor on Friday who said it was asthma so prescribed salbutomol, which has helped the breathlessness but I still have a pain in the centre of my chest when I try to take *deep* breaths or turn to the right. Anyway I was just wondering if it is normal to have an attack lasting days and if there is normally residual aches and pains in the chest and lastly how long they last?

I know I shouldn't rush it but I am missing my workouts and have responibilities that I can't do at the moment :(

Many Thanks


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Hiya, I think not varies very much from person to person the recovery period and generally the amount of time an attack goes on for also.

I know I get quite a lot of pain caused by attacks, but that's mainly from using accessories and struggling to breathe and trying to get enough air in.

Just be kind to yourself, use your salbutamol as required and take painkillers to help out with the pain. If it doesn't feel as though it's getting any better, don't be scared to seek medical help. I've found 111 to be pretty accommodating at booking out of hours appointments when necessary.

Take care, Laura


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