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Question about Guarnteed Interview Scheme

I am confused, I am filling out a job application for next year and there is a section on GIS (guaranteed interview scheme).

It says:

You are eligible to apply via GIS if you have a disability defined by equality act. This means you must have:

pysical or mental impairment etc etc

long term health condition....

do I mention asthma here or not? My asthma is very varied month to month. For example I am having a good two months with little symptoms (TOUCH WOOD) but back in august I could barely get out of bed as I was so exhausted with it all, could barely get to shops and back and if I did then I was bed ridden for rest of day.Although I had attacks and was on pred I didn't need hospital. It is incredibly unpredictable. I am not bothered about being specially considered but there is no where else to mention disability and for some reason I feel it should be mentioned.

thanks :)

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the long and short of it, is that its entirely up to you ;) There is no should, its about how you feel about your asthma and whether you feel it is a disability and would be helpful to be guaranteed an interview. I am considered disabled and I have previously ticked that box - it doesn't mean that your health is discussed at interview, and it doesn't mean you'll get the job LOL. If you're not bothered about being specially considered, then I would say there is little point, since all it does is give you special consideration in terms of getting the interview.


Do you feel like because of your asthma your application may look weaker than other people? (so have you got lower grades because you've missed time due to ill health? have you had to leave jobs or not do volunteer work you would otherwise have done because of your asthma?) I always thought the guaranteed interview thing was an opportunity to assess disabled canditates on a more individual basis because a weaker CV might not actually mean the candidate is less able to perform (so if you were predicted an A* in A-levels, but were very ill on the day of the exam and so couldnt perform properly and got a C, you still have the ability on a day-to-day basis to get an A*). In terms of wanting them to know about your disability, when I got my job recently, i was sent a load of stuff when i first got it, this included a thing which asked if i had any disability which might require reasonable adjustments or my employers might need to be aware of. This means that you dont have to tell them at this stage if you don't want to! Its up to you, I wouldn't worry that you'll get the job 'just because you're disabled' if they think someone is better they will employ them over you, the GIS simply acknowledges that a better disabled candidate could have a weaker CV than a less able non-disabled candidate!


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